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A community setting that allows leaders to receive coaching, resources and tools necessary to flourish in faith, life and long term ministry.

Coming January 2024!

What is a Leadership Cohort?

We know that leadership is hard and you often feel like you are all alone. You are invited to join us for a new opportunity to learn from a small group of people and some of the best leaders in youth ministry, today.

Leadership Cohorts are small groups of 10-12 leaders who do life together through a series of retreats and one day intensives to hone their leadership skills and gain the tools necessary to flourish in faith, life and long term ministry.

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Primary Themes

1) Your Personal Walk

Your personal walk with God is incredibly important if you are going to thrive. We will walk through several tools to help you better understand yourself and fine-tune your giftedness. We will also take time to cultivate our personal soul care through strategic relationships, prayer, silence and solitude.

2) Your Family Life

Your life at home has the power to make your leadership impactful and help you flourish but it can also stop everything in its tracks. We will seek to understand what a healthy family is whether you are married or single and we will help you develop skills to balance work and home life. We will talk about how to minister to your family and navigate the challenges of raising children, while in the ministry, so that they can flourish in faith and life.

3) Strategic Ministry

Finally, we will spend time talking about strategic skills and priorities in your ministry which incorporate the following:

  • Biblical Philosophy of Student Ministry
  • Discipleship Strategies
  • Mission, Vision and Values
  • Outreach and Evangelism
  • Engaging with Parents
  • Personal Disappointment and Conflict
  • Intergenerational Ministry

Beginning January, 2024!

The Leadership Cohort consists of 3 retreats, 4 all-day intensives, the Southeast Youth Leaders Conference and summer breakfasts/lunches. The total cost is $1,600 per person, plus travel and a few books. Your payment can be broken up over the year if you prefer.

Contact Zach Wyatt at to sign up or for more information!

3 Retreats

1) January 25-27, 2024
Fort Bluff, Dayton, TN
Speakers: Matt Brinkley and Jason Pittman
Focus: Biblical Principles of Spiritual Self-Care, Family Life, Key Components of a Healthy Student Ministry, Developing your Mission, Vision and Values

2) April 18-20, 2024
Ocoee Ridge, Ocoee, TN
Speakers: Joe Novenson and Zach Wyatt
Focus: The Spiritual Life of the Leader

3) September 15-17, 2024
Wafloy, Gatlinburg, TN
Speakers: Tony Souder and Michael Savadge
Focus: Developing an Outreach Culture, Intergenerational Ministry

Other Events

1) Summer Breakfast/Lunch Connects

2) Saturday, August 24, 2024 – Southeast Youth Leaders Conference (SYLC)

One Day Intensives

1) February 23, 2024

  • “Discipleship Strategies and Student Leadership” with Doug Franklin

2) March 22, 2024

  • “Faith for Exiles” with David Grant

3) May 10, 2024

  • Morning – Prayer Retreat
  • Afternoon – “Strategies for Helping our Families and Students with Sexual Brokenness” with Greg Seymour

4) October 25, 2024

  • Morning – “Youth Pastor and Personal Finances” with Mickey Rector
  • Afternoon – “Ministering to and With Parents” with Andy Cornett

5) November 8, 2024

  • Celebration Dinner