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Our Story

The Youth Leader Collective has been connecting with, coaching, and caring for youth ministers and leaders since 1994. Our passion is for every youth leader to be connected and equipped in the essentials of effective youth ministry so that the next generation can see and savor the greatness of God.

We’ve recently seen research conducted by One Hope, which shows the average tenure for a youth minister in a church is 3.2 years unless they are a part of a network of other youth leaders. When a youth leader is involved in a network of other youth leaders, their length of ministry in a specific church jumps to 9.1 years. We believe that research like this can’t be ignored.

Our Mission

The Youth Leader Collective exists to empower youth leaders as catalysts in helping the Church flourish in bringing the Greatness of God in Christ to the next generation.

Our Vision

That every young person touched by the Church in our region would have a team of adult believers who are intentionally investing in their lives.

Foundational truths that fuel our passion and guide our decision-making:

The centrality of the greatness of God

  • The centrality of serving with and through the church
  • A generation-to-generation mandate
  • Intentional prayer
  • Intentional relationships

“The [Youth Leader Collective] has enabled me to make relationships within my area with other local Student Pastors. These relationships are crucial to me as I am able to lean on and learn from these other Student Pastors that are going through the same journey I am. Sure, every church is different with its own specific problems, but we are ONE body. [YLCo.] and the North Georgia Area [Collective] that I am part of, makes it feel like we are ONE body more than any other area I have served in.”
~Spencer Kinkade, FBC Albany, GA