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Courses, coaching and community to help you discover your best self using the tool of the Enneagram through the lens of the Gospel.

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a model for identifying nine distinct personality types. More than identifying only strengths or surface-level behaviors, it gives incredibly accurate and useful insights into the stories we’re telling ourselves, the root motives behind behaviors, and charts a specific path for each type for growth and performance improvement.

Most other personality tools measure how you do tasks and primarily focus on external behaviors, while the Enneagram helps people see their motivations and the why behind what they do.

Our Approach

Since the Enneagram is an incredibly helpful tool at exposing our heart’s intent, it’s important to approach the Enneagram with our faith front and center. Honestly, without grace, the Enneagram would be depressing. Beth McCord writes, “While the Enneagram reveals each of our strengths, motivations and heart longings, it also reveals our core fears, weaknesses, insecurities and sin tendencies. Those parts are not so flattering, acting as our Achilles’ heels and causing pain and frustration in our hearts and relationships.”

While the Enneagram is a powerful tool we can use to better understand ourselves and others, and view life in a more meaningful way, it’s only through finding our identity in Christ that we’ll experience true freedom in everyday life and relationships.

I was thrilled with the Enneagram workshop for teachers and staff at our school. It was informative, humorous, thought-provoking, and led to the start of multiple great discussions that continued throughout the rest of the school year! I would highly recommend this training for anyone interested in learning more about themselves and how we relate to those around us, whether it be family, friends or co-workers.

Candice SneedDirector

The 9 Types

Principled Reformer

Focus on following the rules and doing things the right way. They are motivated by perfecting themselves, others and the world around them.

Nurturing Supporter

Warm, Caring, Giving. Motivated by a need to be loved, needed and to avoid acknowledging their own personal needs.

Admirable Achiever

Success-oriented, driven, image-conscious, and wired for productivity. Motivated by a need to succeed, to appear successful and to avoid failure at all costs.

Introspective Individualist

Motivated by the need to be as unique as possible—they never want to be ordinary. They are also very focused on feeling all of their emotions.

Analytical Investigator

Love to learn, analytical, emotionally, detached and private. They are constantly striving to conserve energy, learn more about the world and avoid relying on others.

Faithful Guardian

They value friendship and loyalty but are also worst-case scenario thinkers. Motivated by fear, safety, security and support.

Enthusiastic Optimist

Fun, spontaneous, and adventurous, type sevens are motivated by a need to be happy and to plan stimulating experiences with endless possibilities and to avoid emotional pain or discomfort.

Passionate Protector

Motivated by their need to assert strength and control over everyone around them, and to never look weak and vulnerable. They can be described as defenders or protectors, as they are passionate about caring for the underdog.

Peaceful Accommodator

Value harmony, comfort and peace. They are motivated by a need to always keep the peace, merge with others and avoid conflict at all costs. They go with the flow and tend to let others take control so that they can make other people happy.


Team Member Workshop

$750 Half Day (3-4 hours)
$1,300 Full day (6-8 hours)


  • Individualized Team Member Assessments
  • 1 hour coaching session with Team Leader before and after workshop
  • Guidebooks for each Team Member
  • A great option for church staff, youth ministry team, church volunteer team, corporate teams and other team based organizations

In a team workshop you will learn how to:

  • Understand your own type and your impact on other people
  • Understand your core motivations- Why you do what you do
  • Become more skillful at balancing criticism with appreciation
  • How to understand one another and work better within your team
  • Find what works best with different types for giving critical feedback
  • Understand the strengths and blind spots of your personality type in making decisions

Group Presentations

$250 – 1 Hour Presentation
$400 – 2 Hour Presentation

  • Group Presentations are great for Marriage Seminars, Youth Groups, Churches, or Businesses
  • Presentation can be onsite or virtual
  • Multiple presentations available
  • Contact us for more information

Individual Coaching

Call for Pricing


  • 1 individualized Team Member Assessment
  • 5 – 1 hour individualized coaching sessions

In this 5-session series we will dive into your Type. We will set goals for your coaching sessions, discuss stress and growth points. We will also dig deep in discussing your wings, triad, levels of development, childhood patterns, defense mechanisms, conflict and communication patterns.